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Akashic Records Readings




Overcome self sabotage and clear negative old programs currently in your life.

Does it feel like you are in an endless loop of negative situations, bad relationships, or lack of , or even health problems that keep coming up repeatedly?

You will know exactly what the reasons are why your life feels like one big rerun and how specifically you can clear all blocks.


Do you want to discover the gifts you might be stealing from the world by remaining entrenched in your past? 

Are you struggling to unleash your true Divine potential, your life purpose, so you know where to focus your energy?

What if you could clearly and objectively understand the "bigger picture" for your life?

Together, we will identify unresolved trauma and clear negative karmic patterns that you have carried forward from previous lifetimes or even subconsciously created in your current life. You will be given a ritual clearing homework to ensure they never resurface!

The wisdom of The Akashic Records allows this process of uncovering, clearing, and healing is truly one of the most transformational experiences you will ever have!

You will have accesses to highly specific, practical, and actionable information from the Akashic Records, you will be given the key to unlocking your purpose. 

A Soul Realignment® reading will result in an exceptionally insightful and healing transformational reading for you.

Your reading will give you a clear understanding of your Divine Gifts and Soul Origination. This valuable information gives us a better understanding of why we are the way we are in your current life so that you can step into your Purpose and your Abundance.

You will learn specifically about blocks and restrictions from past lifetimes and your current life which are not in alignment with your Highest Self Soul's true mission. You will find out which chakras these are being engaged at, and what specific energetic negative programs are affecting your current life.

Once we unlock the secrets of your soul, I will clear all these karmic patterns which are not in alignment with your Soul's true mission currently stopping you from attracting new situations, circumstances, and abundance.

Realigning your Soul is like hitting a reset button on your Akashic Records, it is the beginning of the life you are destined for, your Soul Blueprint be restore to its Original state.



Are you ready to create abundance through Soul-level work?

Akashic Readings

  • Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

    1 hr 30 min

    187 British pounds
  • Feel uncomfortable in your home? Property won't sell? </