Astrid Barney is a Modern Mystic Transformational Intuitive Empath Lightworker, and Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner.


She credits this transformational work with giving her the courage to leave a 25 years International fast pace Interior Design career to become a Spiritual teacher, Life coach, Motivational speaker and a catalyst to consciousness expansion.


Through accessing the Records, she will pull highly specific, practical, and actionable information. She is vibrant, passionate, super friendly and authentic. You feel like you've known her your whole life! 


Her clients have a way with Energy, Frequency and Vibration, but sometimes it has yet to be recognized, affirmed, or activated. They are mastering their gifts, learning new skills, and aligning to their soul’s calling. 


Astrid will take you on a transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit with Akashic Alchemy. She will help you understand why you do what you do and how you can become empowered to created new choices literally re designing your life!


“At every moment in our lives we are creating choices, whether consciously or unconsciously. I am a catalyst for your Transformation and Healing, it is not hope I give you; it is Information for you Knowing that you are ready to move to the next level and leave behind what no longer serves you. I will guide you to clear all programs which are not in alignment with your Soul’s true mission currently stopping you from attracting new situations and circumstances.” Astrid