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Feel uncomfortable in your home? Property won't sell?

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Property Clearing Reading in The Akashic Records: Sometimes we become vibrationally misaligned to the property we live in because of energies which are attached to the property. If our vibration is low (stress, anxiety, depression, doubt and so on), Negative Entities can occur creating a negative impact, it is very common and nothing to be scared off! Do you feel uncomfortable at times in your home? Property won’t sell and is sitting on the market instead? Maybe things go missing all the time? Do you feel you have unwanted visitors in your home? Does your home just feel a bit off? This is a deep clearing using information from the Akashic Records and the field of the property. The property clearing works to release entities, Earthbound spirits (ghosts), and other manners of energies that disturb your sacred space and are engaging in energetic programs affecting your field without you being aware of. This process allows them to move on and transition as they should! If your house is filled with negative energy from other owners or those who have come into your house, it can sit on the market instead of selling. Having a property clearing is hugely helpful! This clearing session is very useful if you are trying to sell a house or flat. It becomes so much more appealing to potential buyers when it is free of negative influence. This property clearing session includes placement of protective spheres to shield from negative energies and increase the divinity of the space around you. I do not need to be present at the property to perform a clearing. What is included when booking your Property Clearing reading: ● Detailed transcript for the property Akashic reading. ● Akashic Energetic Clearing of your Property Blocks & Restrictions ● 1 day Clearing Ritual Homework Activation

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Please contact me as soon as possible, if you need to reschedule. There is no charge to reschedule if notified 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

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