“I have been held up in many aspects of my life, from career crisis to relationship patterns. Having had my Soul Realignment reading made me aware of unconscious energetic programs I have created in past lives as well as in my present life. The reading was mind-blowing, and I feel I have so much clarity and direction. Astrid is gifted with so much soulfulness and wisdom, she helped me so much to process these patterns and guided me to clear them.”

Chayla N, London, UK


“The amount of information Astrid pulled from my records is astounding. She is super friendly and authentic as well. I feel like I've known her my whole life! The reading covers so much ground! From chakras and their issues to past lives and commitments you hold from those. Spirit guides, origin planet was awesome, Vibration levels...and it all lines up and makes sense!!! I am excited to see how I progress with my healing and how different my reading will be on the next one after I clear it all out with my homework. To sum it up quick and sweet...Astrid is legit! Book in asap”.

Swift Hypnosis Seattle, USA


“My reading was mind-blowing! Astrid told everything clearly. Everything fell into place. The aftercare was great and loving. If you want to go deeper to understand things better about yourself, I really recommend you do a reading with Astrid”.

Claudia H, Netherlands


“My reading with Astrid was amazing! The information she received for me was spot on and extremely helpful. I highly recommend having a Soul Realignment reading with her to anyone interested in finding out more about the Akashic records and themselves. Thank you, Astrid!”. Julie C, London, UK


“What an amazing experience. Truly profound. So thankful for this guidance from Astrid. I can’t wait to re-listen, dive deeper and do the work to realign with who I am truly meant to be. If you find yourself stuck or feel like something or someone is holding you back...THIS is a MUST. So powerful. Do not hesitate to contact Astrid. You won’t regret it.” 💕

Leah B, MI, USA


“Yesterday I completed my 21-day homework for clearing my negative karmic patterns, following the guidelines from Astrid. By the third day, I noticed a change in relation to my professional activity, from then on, I've been flooded with opportunities. During this pandemic my work has been severely affected, I was really disheartened, but since my Soul Realignment reading two weeks ago things are flowing very fast. Many opportunities are suddenly coming my way, I attribute to the energy cleaning work we did. Thank you very much!”.

Christian B, Brazil

"Astrid shared a powerful session with me giving me much food for thought and detailed follow-up mail with tools and information to make most of our time together. It was insightful and thought-provoking and I learned much from the daily practice she recommended me to do."

Hillary L, UK


“The Soul Blueprint Akashic reading with Astrid was amazing. Everything she shared with me was spot on and spoke to exactly how it is with me. I received clarity in areas I was not sure about and understood more about my purpose. Even though I’m already aware of a lot of my ‘stuff’ including what holds me back, it was affirming, insightful and beyond helpful to have this reading with Astrid. I’d highly recommend a session with Astrid, no matter what level of awareness you’re at! I am doing the homework every day. All good so far!”

Falu M, Hong Kong


“This reading has completely freed me from so many things I could not understand keep happening in my life. I became aware of so much information about my past lives that influence my life to this day. This new knowledge has had a profound healing transformation for me, I have cleared my negative karmic and I feel as if I had a reset to start a new life. Thank you, Astrid for such a wonderful experience!”.

Luppa M, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“My life is my own again! So much was revealed in my Akashic Record reading with Astrid. So many patterns I unconsciously have created over the years. I was so stuck about changing my professional career at this stage in my life. I feel so supported and more confident now that I know what my gifts are. You will have a blast working with Astrid, she is amazing and gives so much value on the session. Thank you, Astrid, for helping me, this reading has given me so much healing!" 

Katell D, France


“The process is so healing and enlightening! It has really connected all the Dots and so much in my life makes so much sense now. Since been made aware of my blocks & restrictions and all the crazy energetic programs I unconsciously created after Astrid revealed them to me, my life feels so different. I am able to create positive choices now that I know what my real purpose is. This is deep work and Astrid offers so much value, I really recommend anyone who is struggling in these difficult times to have a Soul Realignment reading. It has been truly transformational for me! Thank you, Astrid”.

Junia A, Portugal


“I was completely stunned as to how much information I received from Astrid when I did my Soul Realignment reading a couple of months ago. I would recommend this to all those in the true search of healing & remembering their Soul purpose and connection to their higher-self.”

Silvana S, Brazil


“I am still in awe from my reading, The wealth of information I received from Astrid’s reading my Akashic Records was absolutely mind-blowing! Astrid is the real deal; I couldn’t recommend enough!”.

Bernardo R, London, UK

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